Lake Bolac Community and Business Centre

These four original, hand-pulled linocut prints are on display and for sale at the Lake Bolac Community and Business Centre over the next few months. There are a total of ten framed, limited edition artworks available. I am also planning to provide a Gelatin Plate Monoprinting workshop at this venue, prior to the end of the year.

Monoprinting is a spontaneous and somewhat unpredictable process that can be easily achieved at home, without specialized equipment. The gelatin plate is a soft and malleable surface that can hold the detailed impressions that you make on it with brushes, botanical materials, stencils, masks and stamps. In my gelatin plate monoprinting workshops you will learn how to make your own gelatin plate and use it to create unique, layered artworks that can be enjoyed alone or used as backgrounds for multimedia, card creation or cut into collages.